Liquid synergistic blend of yeast cell wall, organic acids, herbal extract and vitamins for use as a nutritional supplement for animals.
Provides source of mannose oligosaccharides from yeast cell wall for binding of mycotoxins present in the intestinal tract of the animal
Provides source of b-glucans from yeast cell wall which assist in immune stimulation
Contains artichoke extract for repairing liver function following exposure to mycotoxins or after severe times of stress.
Synergistic blend of four organic acids which assist in keeping the digestive tract acidified for improved feed digestion and absorption
B vitamin complex assists in maximizing liver function
Propandiol provides immediate source of energy to the animal
Improves production and efficiency during times of exposure to mycotoxins
Alleviates detrimental effects of stress such as high temperature, feed changes and vaccinations
Ingredients: Yeast cell wall. artichoke extract, phosphoric acid, lactic acid, citric acid, propionic acid, 1,2 propandiol, thiamin,                   riboflavin, pantothenic acid and distilled water.
Directions For Use: Add at the following rates*:
            Poultry: Administer at the rate of 1 ml per liter of drinking water for five (5) successive days.
             Cattle: Provide five (5) mls per head per day for five (5) successive days.
                            ***Local conditions should be considered when determining usage rate.